2020’s Latest Car Reviews – The Aston Martin Valkyrie

The Company Ditches Its Usual Theme For Something Faster – The Aston Martin Valkyrie


Will Zhang, Staff Writer

Aston Martin has been a company that grinded out luxurious coupes that are glamorous and aren’t over the top with sports. However, they have generated a completely new, unorthodox hypercar that looks like it came from another dimension. Aston Martin built 150 Valkyries last year (2019 to be exact), and they took a whole new, different approach to cars.

From first glance, you probably wouldn’t even think that it was built by Aston Martin. With a barely noticeable logo, you would have to get very close to the car to accurately decide which car company the Valkyrie belonged to. The sleek, out of the world looking monster is a collaboration with Red Bull Racing, which explains the look of a meaner race car. The car has a wide range of super lightweight colors. So far, there are 3 that we know of, being blue, green and gray, although if you have more money to burn and want something more exotic, you can also coat the naked 100%, yes 100% carbon fiber body with 24-karat gold. Talk about flashy. The powerful v-12 that partially got the Valkyrie it’s Hypercar badge. The V-12 was tested in an old LMP race car’s chassis, which is extremely race oriented hence the title ‘race car.’ The Valkyrie looks like a Mclaren Senna that decided to go on a diet, Threw out all of the metals and decided to replace it with Carbon Fiber, and ended up becoming stupid powerful after drinking 20 cans of red bull entwined with steroids in 3 minutes. The horsepower possessed by the Valkyrie’s V-12 is a monstrous 1000, and with a battery electric system designed by Rimac and Integral Powertrain that makes an additional 160 horsepower, the Valkyrie has a total output of an outrageous 1160 horsepower. The engine is located behind the passenger compartment, with tower struts and other race car features you would find. Also, Aston Martin claims that the Valkyrie has a 1:1 power ratio, meaning 1 horsepower:1 pound of weight. If that wasn’t overkill enough, Aston Martin also states that the downforce (what keeps the car from flying like the Mercedes Benz CLR in 1999) generated by the advance fluid dynamics is more than the actual weight of the car itself. Overkill. It is so powerful, that it’s top speed is 250+ mph. That’s 2 times faster than your Toyota Prius. Not to mention, the Valkyrie is actually street legal, making it the fastest street legal car on the face of this planet.

If you’re claustrophobic, think twice before sweeping up your life savings to buy this hypercar. The interior is similar looking to a cockpit that was stolen from some plane, and Aston Martin took away everything and made it much cleaner. The space is supportive of 2 bucket seats, with a default 4-point harness and an optional 6-point harness. The space it cramped, so much so that the driver and 1 passenger are virtually shoulder to shoulder, and in the middle in a pandemic where you’re supposed to social distance, the cramped space would not be helpful (as if any car could have such a large interior to allow social distancing). The steering wheel is removable so that the owner and passenger can fit through the gull wing doors and get in the seats. To reduce drag on the exterior of the car, instead of the normal exterior door mirrors Aston Martin replaced it with a pair of cameras mounted to the Valkyrie’s flanks. The interior has no rear windshield due to the V-12. If you drive it, you are for sure going to think that wow this is more race car than your normal everyday coupe.

You may be biting your fingernails to hear what the insane price tag the Valkyrie holds. I’m sorry but you are not going to enjoy what I am going to say (the ironic thing is I’m not actually using my mouth), so you might as well shut down your computer or turn off your phone and curl up into a ball while contemplating life- brace yourself. The Valkyrie costs a whopping 3.2 million U.S dollars and Aston Martin is only making a limited 150 models as mentioned earlier, all of which are sold out. Sad (although it’s not like many people could afford it). In conclusion, the Aston Martin Valkyrie is Stupid fast, Stupid ‘Cozy,’ looks like it’s from another dimension and is not accessible to consumers anymore.