Tragically A Man Runs Over A 10-year-old girl


A firefighter inspects an Audi SUV after a crash near Wiscasset village the afternoon of Saturday, Oct. 26. (Alexander Violo photo)

A Man runs over a 10-year-old girl in his SUV walking from school to home in Golden CO. The Man drove on the curb on 58th and Carr Street then crashes into the girl and keeps driving  The girl had suffered two broken legs, a broken arm, And a concussion, and lacerations to her stomach and liver she was also walking with her six-year-old sister but she wasn’t hurt.  The Man could have served up to nine years of prison. ISo far there has been no report of whether the man was intoxicated or not. The Man was guilty in August of leaving the scene with serious bodily injury (SBI), vehicular assault, and was sentenced to five and a half years in prison.