Hypixel Skyblock


Chase Russell, Writer

Hypixel skyblock is a mmorpg due to it being the most popular server on Minecraft. The game starts off on you spawning on a island in the middle of nowhere. You gather materials to go to the portal that takes you to the hub. The hub is a place where up to 80 people can hang out, do stuff, or make money. Money is one of the biggest components that you need in this game. everything including wood cost coins if you don’t get it yourself. Usually when you first start you are supposed to go to the deep caverns where you can get lapis armor from killing lapis zombies, and find a free pickaxe. Your next bet is to get mining 7, foraging 7, and farming 7. That is when you can go to the bazaar and star flipping, buying, or selling items to make your first million coins is either from farming zealots or farming pumpkins or sugar cane.


Updates used to happen around every two months until the Community update came out. The event came out with 5 new mayors that change every 5 days or a year in Minecraft. The first one that came out was Diana that allowed you to dig up legendary creatures to make hundreds of millions a day. The thing that lots of people didn’t like is that skyblock came out with a new monetized method by selling gems for cookies. You can eat the cookies so when you die, you don’t lose money or got potions. Once every month there is a special mayor. A special mayor is a mayor that rarely comes out like Scorpious and Derpy.


Dungeons came out around 4 – 5 months ago. The update was leaked but never came out for another couple months causing the community to complain. They finally came out with floor 1, 2, and 3. Floor 3 being the hardest floor at that time was only the beginning because the admins were looking forward to making up to 10 floors! Unfortunately they didn’t know how hard it was going to be so they only stuck with floor 7.

That was the actual things that have came out from Hypixel skyblock for a year.