Locked In

Locked In

Katherine Essien, writer

Me and my friends Danielle and Clara were eating food when another one of our friends dared us to go in the school basement for 30 minutes it was cold and snowing but we accepted it. The basement door was outside and to get to the basement you had to open the door and walk down some stairs, the basement was small and had few things besides canned food, blankets, a small bathroom, and a door that we where to scared to open. We stayed in the basement for 30 minutes but when we asked to be let out we got no response and when we called  our friend but we got no answer.


“They left us” said Clara


“We know” Danielle said  


“Is there a key” I asked 


“I don’t think so” replied Clara


“ We some snacks, and are phones” I said 


“but are phones don’t have connection” Danielle replied


“Oh well, at least everyone’s going to be here on Monday” I said


“Yeah” replied Clara


We all sat down under the blanket to pass time. A couple hours later me and my friends started to get hungry so we ate some snack and promised to not eat a lot just in case we were stuck down there for a long time. Danielle went to sleep, Clara played games that don’t need the internet on her phone, and I tried to open the basement door, so we could find a way out of the basement before Monday. A couple of hours later when I got bored and decided to go into the room in the basement even though it could have bugs and anything else in it, when I opened the door there was a closet with more canned beans and old jackets, in the basement there was a small light switch and when I turned it on the small light bulb turned on, I looked around the closet and noticed a key by a can of beans, it was gold and rusty but I wondered if it was to open the basement door. I picked up the key and approached the basement door wondering if it was the key to the door, when I put the key into the lock the lock didn’t open at first but after I started shaking it opened! When we left the basement there was a lot of snow and it was dark and freezing but we were happy to be able to go home.