The Downfall Pt 1

The Downfall Pt 1

Genesis Key, Writer

The crowds was full at night 

The light seem brighter than ever before

 But all they see in the night was darkness 

A girl name Ally walking down the streets of ‘’bloody town’’

Seeking for luxury

‘’Hey’’ she said 

‘’How much does these red bananas cost’’ said Ally

‘’Oh those they cost 20 because they are rare fruits’’ the shopkeeper said ghostly

‘’Okay here you go’’ said Ally

‘’Bye have a nice day’’ said Shopkeeper

‘’You too’’said Ally

It was her best friend’s birthday 

So Ally knew she loves bananas 

So she thought of giving her the favorite thing she loved which is bananas 

But special bananas 

Laruen also got her a pink silk dress with glazing golden bats

But Ally thought it was weird to give food as somebody present for their birthday 

So she gave bananas to poor kids on the sidewalks

And walk away 

But she didn’t know what was coming for her or kill her and her friends

‘’Here I got you a special bananas for your birthday’’ Ally said 

‘’Thanks’’Ryan said

‘’ You welcome’’ said Ally

Then Ryan bitten one and die out like possum that I kill last week


‘’Oh my gosh that just a dream’’  said Ally

The next day Ally went to the movies and  to see the aftermath of terror blood drive

It was the best of the year

Ally still was thinking about the the banana Ryan bitten but it was a one month before Ryan’s birthday so what was the big deal

Her being dead!!!

‘’Hey do you know where tiki’s bananas are’’ ? Ally asked very softly

‘’Oh yeah around the corner’’ said the lady

‘’Thank you’’ said Ally

Ally started to walk around the corner then noticed the lady just started to stare at her very darkened.

Then Ally walked in tiki’s bananas and it was very quiet in the place like somebody shut everybody up then she went to tap an old man then his mouth was full of flies with his mouth all black and all dried in gray.

Then She rushed  into the doors but the door was locked the all windows even the back door became lock-down and the whole place was just blackout and ally couldn’t see anything but blackness all she could see then she tiptoe back to the kitchen then suddenly her left foot went another step then she fell down the bloodiest hole ever.