Top 3 Best Rated Gingerbread Kit Companies for the Holidays

Top 3 Best Rated Gingerbread Kit Companies for the Holidays

Rachel Schutt, Writer

I know that in my family we do gingerbread houses every year and it’s a lot of fun. How do you find the best kits? Well, here are 3 of the best top rated gingerbread kit companies!

1. Wilton

This is a great high-quality company for gingerbread kits. The famous Wilton company has great easy to use and decorate kits. The Wilton company that creates beautiful gingerbread kits for the holidays has been around since 1929. This business is well developed and it all started with one man and his love for culinary and cooking arts. I personally think that my favorite one is the train because it has peppermint wheels and can decorate each train car differently. You can find these kits on Amazon, Walmart, and


2. Wondershop

Wondershop is a Target brand of gingerbread houses and decorating kits. These are pretty good kits, except the icing is a bit lumpy or runny. They do have very good candies to put on top. My favorite part of these kits are definitely the designs, they have everything from little mini villages to huge houses and trains. My personal favorite kit from Wondershop is the mini-village because you get to decorate more than one house and it just takes longer because there is a lot more to decorate.


3. Hasbro

I know, you are probably wondering why a game company is in the top 3 rated gingerbread house kits? Hasbro has fun unique gingerbread kit designs that are made from games Hasbro makes. Hasbro has fun decorating houses like Candy Land and Clue! If you want to stand out and be unique with your gingerbread house I highly recommend Hasbro!