Kids Deserve A Phone At A Young Age

Jo'Nelle Taylor, Writer

Kids should get a phone at a young age! I could already hear the parents yelling to their screens, “WHY!” or “Oh NO!”, well let me tell you why. In our world already, technology is everything! January 12th, 2013 they made the app door dash so we didn’t have to get up and get our food, and someone could bring it right to our front door. In 1992, not too long ago, texting was created so we didn’t have to call and we can just send a quick message. Lastly, in 1997, social media was created, which now we use to connect with our friends, post videos or pictures so our family or friends could see, or just see what the world is doing in general. Pasting through the years, they made different types of phones to fit your liking and different kinds of apps. You always have to start somewhere with walking, crawling, talking, and everything else, and I think a phone for little kids will help them explore the world, and learn more about the world that they are living in. 


The most important thing is learning! Since there is a virus in our world, kids either have to do online learning or go to school in their masks, but when we didn’t have the virus spreading in our world, kids would be able to go to school without masks and go in the classroom. This is why it’s important for your kids to have a phone because now there’s a different way of learning. For instance, kids who are learning a different language, they can’t go to class as they will usually do and learn a different language. So they could use their phone and download a language app like Duolingo, and learn from that! Also, since we are in online school now, there might be an app that you have to use on a phone because you can’t get it on a computer, and if you don’t have a phone, it might be a hard time to do a project in class, get a good grade for participating, and sometimes parents might be using their phone so they can’t give it to their child.


Lastly, kids should have a phone at a young age because you can’t trust people that you don’t know, and if your kid went out with friends or just a friend that you don’t know, then you would want to know if they’re okay. At a young age, kids should always have a phone by their side because you never know if a kidnapper is right by you, or a stealer is right by you. There is a saying that, ¨ If you see a white van, run away because they could be kidnappers. ¨ So, say there was your kid with their best friend, walking around, and then spot a white van, they’re only 7 years old, and they don’t have a phone, if they were all by people they didn’t know, they wouldn’t want to ask for someone’s phone because they might not trust them. Would you give your child a phone now? You should, because kids should always be safe, and phones could make things way safer if you have contacts to take to just in case of an emergency.