STRONG – Show Recommendation


Emme Phillips, Writer

Strong-show recommendation


Strong, a show where people take a hard course not to get skinny, to get strong, if you win and stay the longest you can get up to $500,000 dollars.


The top 10 best athletes in the world including Crossfit champions, track runners, and some are even motivational speakers. They are then paired with another person who wants to get strong including moms, teachers, and people who have just had a hard life. Each team has about a week to train before each challenge. There are climbing, boxing, weightlifting challenges and many more and there are twists and turns throughout the game. But, no matter how early you get eliminated you still continue to train. The trainers teach the trainees how to eat healthy, workout safely, have a positive attitude, and how to get and stay fit. Along the way trainees and even trainers state how the other person has changed their life and it is truly a great inspiration. This show is hosted by professional volleyball player, Gabrielle Reese. Throughout the competitions you make friends as well, many contestants cry when another team goes home, which truly shows how they have similar life situations and can help each other out. Some of the contestants include Brittany, a 8th grade algebra teacher who had her son at the age of seventeen and just got married to her wife. And Jasmine the heaviest of them all who has been severely bullied as a kid came into the competition thinking she was strong, but by the time she got out of the competition in 4th place states that she did not know what being strong was before coming into this competition and gives lots of gratitude towards her trainer Wes, she showed that she does not give up without her hardest fight. You can watch this on Netflix or even NBC. This will encourage many Americans to stay/get strong.