The Myth of Targat Part 1

The Myth of Targat Part 1

Fiona Perry, Writer

When the King of the Forest decided he was sick of the fruit he grew, his messengers went all around the world in search of new things to try. They brought back grapes, bananas, apples, pears but nothing suited the king. From remote corners of the world they picked the best of the best, but nothing caught his eye. One day, a messenger returned with a dragon fruit. The king was excited and curious when he heard of it in a letter, but outraged when he saw the real thing. 

“Liar!” He threw the dragon fruit across the throne room, where it shattered on the wall. “This looks nothing like a dragon! Guards, send him away to where all liars go!” 

“Wait! Wait, my king!” The messenger screamed. “That is just the name the people of Targat call it!”

“Targat? That is not on my map. Do not lie to a king!”

The messenger gulped, “No! It is very real! You can find almost anything inside, fruit, cloths, mattresses, bread, and it’s all shipped in from around the world-”

“You’re a liar, something so great would have been on my map!” The king shoved his finger accusingly at the messenger. “As your punishment, you will sit in the dungeon with your “dragon” fruits and whittle them until you can make one resemble a dragon.”

  “No! Please, my king! I can bring you to Targart!”

“That task is not fit for a king,” and with that the King turned his head and listened no more to the messenger’s pleas as he was dragged off to the dungeon. 

The king was convinced that the messenger lied… but in the back of his mind he began to wonder. What if such a place exists? Will they become more powerful than me? No, no this is a silly thought. Targat is not real. But what if it is!? I can send a messenger to find out for me! …wait but then if the kingdom of Targat was more powerful than me, he would know and tell all the other messengers! Darn it! The king decided the only way to find out if Targat was real would be to see for himself.

When he was sure everyone was asleep, he snuck down into the dungeon. Everything was quiet down there except for a consistent scraping sound, which the king assumed was the messenger trying to whittle a dragon fruit. He winced, maybe he shouldn’t have been so harsh with his punishment. 

“I want to go to Targat,” bravely spoke the king, walking up to the messenger’s cell.

The messenger jumped up onto his feet,“Yes! I knew that this punishment was all a dramatic lie! My king would never make a punishment so harsh!” 

“Oh, no,” the king chuckled. “Your punishment is very much real.”

The messenger’s head dropped down in shame as the scraping sound started to echo through the dungeon once more.

“Oh don’t look so glum. Bring me to Targat!” The king looked at him with a cheerful smile. “Oh and bring a dragon fruit, you can whittle it as we go.”