Sugar Good Or Bad


Sophia Swanson

Sugar is unhealthy in large quantities but what would happen if there was no sugar? Would it be bad or good or would it not change anything. This article is about the effects sugar has on you.


Why is sugar bad for you? If you consume too much sugar it can lead to a rise in blood sugar which contributes to type 2 Diabetes. If you eat too much added sugar in things like candy, soda, or possessed fruit you can gain weight and loss in appetite. If you eat too much added sugar it can lead to heart disease or stroke. 


Why is sugar in moderation good for you? Sugar contains some healthy nutrients and your body needs sugar. If you don’t have sugar then expect to not want to do things for a couple of days after you stop eating this sugar. You could start having headaches and pains in your body. But after the first 2 weeks of not eating sugar, you should start to have an increase in energy and activity levels. Sugar is good in moderation that means don’t eat it on a regular basis but every once and a while you can.