Online Learning


Margaret Lyons, Writer

All throughout this year many students have experienced online learning. The result of COVID 19  has shut schools down, allowing no students to enter, this has changed learning a lot. After the covid 19 pandemic took over America. When the schools closed on April 7th after a “extended spring break” we began online learning. It started off as a hot mess, filled with tech issues and people not showing up for school. The first system where we had was all asynchronous classes  meaning doing all the learning by ourselves. this allowed kids to finish school as early as they wanted by rushing through all the work, or flat out not doing it. Then summer break came before another year of online learning. Now kids are held accountable on zoom calls and being monitored on their work. But many problems still exist in this online learning system such as internet problems making it impossible for  teachers and students to do their work, but students are hardly ever telling the truth. Such as a teacher calling on a student and the student says they are having internet issues and their mic wont work or are they  lying and they just don’t know or don’t want to answer, or when kids say that they cant turn their camera on, is that true or do they not want to do work? This process is a hard one and requires hard work and integrity but hopefully we can get in the building soon.