Trump vs Biden


Josie Pass, Writer

Election day is coming. Everyone is mailing or handing in their ballots. On November 2 we will hopefully find out who won the presidential election for 2020. Biden is ahead in the polls but nobody knows what will happen as far as we know we can’t trust the pools. There has been a lot of accusations being made towards president Trump about him messing with the voting system some believe he is slowing down the mailing process some others believe he is going to ask for a recount if he doesn’t win. Today November 5, is looking good for Biden. He is ahead and only needs 6 more electoral votes to win the election. We are still waiting to see the results in the following states: Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina  and Georgia. Most of those states are leaning towards blue but we don’t know till the election is over. The election is 2 days over and who knows how long till it is over. As we can see there is A lot unknown about this election. So keep your eye out and don’t forget to vote.