Jonah Hill & Gianna Santos Call It Off

Jonah Hill & Gianna Santos Call It Off

Keira Vipani, Vipani

Jonah Hill and Gianna Santos call it quits after being engaged for a year. This couple was first spotted together in 2018 and soon after engaged in September 2019. Jonah Hill’s sister, Beanie Feldstein was quoted as saying, “Oh, my God, I mean, he’s my best friend in the world, so I’m always excited for him,” at a pre-Golden Globes event in Beverly Hills in January.


Hill was dating with Erin Galpern before he was with Santos. Hill and Galpern broke up in February 2018 and in the same year, Hill was spotted with Gianna. 2018 was 7 years ago from when Jonah and his longtime girlfriend, Jordan Klein, who he met in high school. To add to the list, Jonah has dated Isabel McNally, Brooke Glazer and Ali Hoffman. 


US news states “News of Hills split from Santos came days after he showed off his impressive slimdown.” This information can lead some to think that this breakup was planned and Hill was getting back out there, explaining Jonah Hill’s need to work on his weight. Hills says that as a 14 year old, he was overweight and he wanted to fit in with the skater crowd. He felt lonely as a teenager, not wanting to feel like that again as an adult. Hill also admits that when he was a teen, he didn’t understand his self worth, making more of a drive to be the best version of himself that he can when he is done growing and maturing. 


Hill was in the television show Maniac, and he acknowledges that in the show he was a goofy looking, overweight teenager with curly hair. Part of the show was everyone had an opinion of how to talk to Hill’s character and how to treat him. They were teens in the show, so they were still “under construction” as Hill puts it, or they were still trying to figure it out. 


Jonah Hill bought a home right after he proposed to Gianna Santos In Santa Monica for around 6.77 million dollars. This was back when the couple was engaged but according to E News, Hill was having an emotional week before the couple split. Gianna and Jonah were thriving for a year, but the weeks leading up to the couple’s split, sources have noticed that Hill was being more emotional than normal. Though this was noticed, little did they know that there would be something as big as an engagement breakup just the next week. 


Though a breakup is always sad news, it is a good thing that Hill and Santos are no longer together in some ways. For example, Hill had a low self esteem when he was 14 and again when he was on the show Maniac because of his looks, but mainly his weight. Hill now has the chance to slim down like he has always wanted to because of his split with Gianna. Hill can be the person he always wanted to be because of a breakup, and that is a golden opportunity.