Crewmate Survival Book (Part 2 of 2)


Hank Bangert, Writer

So last article we left off with how to do your tasks efficiently and safely but now is the time to talk about one of the more important parts of the game, finding the imposter’s color or “identity” as you might call it. Obviously you won’t be seeing the imposters saying things like, Guys vote me, it is me! So if you’re looking for that then you are looking for the wrong things.

Let’s say someone is accusing someone that has an alibi (An excuse for not being the imposter), this is suspicious because everyone knows that person is safe but someone is still accusing them. Let’s say that the same person realizes that the person the accused is safe and they start accusing someone else then they are definitely an imposter. This is because they are trying to get someone else voted out and not themselves.

Another suspicious behavior is someone not talking at all. This is because they don’t want to say the wrong thing and get themselves voted out. Note: Before you accuse someone who isn’t talking, make sure that they aren’t AFK/ not even there. Also, if someone is talking TOO much then it can also be suspicious. This is because they might be hurrying to get the meeting over with so that nobody finds out it’s them and they can get some kills.

As I am writing this I just realized I left out something important about the tasks in the last article. There are certain tasks around “The Skeld” map/ the one I use as an example. These visual tasks are tasks that if completed, or started, an animation will play. This is important because if you see someone, or if someone sees you doing a visual task then they know you aren’t the imposter. These visual tasks are the weapons task, shields, med-bay scan, and the storage trash chute. If you see any of these on your task list then make sure someone is watching you do them.


Okay that’s all, next article I’m going to go over the Imposter side of the game.