Video Game Reviews – Just Shapes and Beats

Video Game Reviews – Just Shapes and Beats

Isaiah Wimbs, Writer

Video Game Reviews

This is Isaiah Wimbs here with the fourth episode of this hopefully ongoing series where I review different video games. The next beat to be published is Just Shapes and Beats.

The Team

Just Shapes and Beats was released on May 31, 2018, by Berzerk Studio

The Design

Let’s start by saying that this game takes aspects of Geometry dash and Undertale and is similar to Project Arrhythmia which came out the year after

The Enemies

The game does have any enemies actually unless you count a bunch of pink shapes but my definition of enemy is something that attacks you with weapons so its more like…

The Levels

Considering this game literally has beats in the title it would be kinda weird if the game didn’t have beats the obstacles levels require you to pay attention and feel the beat like geometry dash but instead of being the floor and jumping you fly around like Undertale but the game provides checkpoints. That is if your not facing one of…

The Bosses

The bosses are extremely challenging (My favorites being Barracuda and Lycanthropy) and are some of the best songs in the game ant the actually are able to tell a story along with being fun overall


Overall Just Shapes and Beats is a fun rhythm game that is filled with great songs. That’s all for this episode buckaroos! See you again today, tomorrow, or anytime convenient for you! Bye!


I haven’t posted in a while sorry about that! I have been at a loss to what to write about but I will be using this space as a kind of update to let you know why I reviewed what I did It will also be used as a sort of update to what I will be reviewing next week. Also, to make it up to the awesome people who read my articles I would love it if you could comment on video game YOU want me to review. Bye! (For real now)