NBA Free Agency Rumors


Tiernan Duffy, Writer

Every NBA player has a contract with a team, but eventually their contract will end and those players have a chance to either stay with that team for a few more years or leave and go to a different team.

There is no date when they will start or end so they can not make the decision yet, but it usually starts July 1 through July 6 but since of COVID – 19 the season ended in October which is very far away then July.

Some rumors that have been going around like Jermi Grant on the Denver nuggets who might go to the Cleveland Cavaliers or Tristan Thompson, but at the right price. Meyers Leonard has been seen doing camps with Los Angeles and might not come back to Miami. There is also some stuff wrong with the NBA champions (L.A. Lakers) like They might not have enough money to go around and might either get rid of Rajon Rondo or Markieff Morris.

Some big players in the past have either been hated or loved when they made their decisions, like LeBron James, Everyone hated him after he was the person who would give Cleveland their first championship but he decided to go to Miami and the same thing happened with Kevin Durant when he chose to go to Golden State and not stay where everyone loved him.

Sometimes people loved their decision like when LeBron James cam back from Miami to Cleveland and sometimes they just might stay put like Chris Paul when he stayed in Houston or how Paul George stayed in Oklahoma City.