Harry Styles Music Video Golden Already Hit #6 Globally on Spotify


Avery Rosenbaum, Writer

Harry Styles new music video ¨Golden¨ was released on October 26th and has already hit 6th place on the Global Spotify Music Chart. Harry Styles is one of the most popular songwriters and singers in the world, people of all ages listen to his songs and his concert tickets range from $200 – $500 per person. On Sunday October 25th, the artist released a teaser for the clip amassing millions of views in the hours before the actual official video dropped. 


Harry styles claimed while filming this, “It’s one of the first songs when I was making the album and it’s always been a source of joy for me and I wanted to make a video that encapsulated that. I’d like to think it will maybe cheer a couple of people up. Cheered me up.¨ The video is directed by Ben and Gabe Turner, the founders of London based production company, ¨Fulwell 73.¨ These producers have done so much for Harry and his gratitude towards them is very appreciated.  


The production company has also worked on previous projects with Harry, including for several One Direction music videos, his old band in the 2010s. Harry also claimed that this music video wasn’t just for them either, he said it was for the people that needed to be cheered up and for the people that had been going through rough times in this pandemic, he himself has even faced some mean fans over the covid-19 situation because some listeners say his songs sound the same, but fans think Golden will change their mind. 


Directed by Ben and Gabe Turner, the sunny music video was filmed along the Amalfi Coast in italy. He said this music video ¨Showed real emotion because fans were cheering me on in the streets of Italy.¨ The sweet visual opens with Harry Styles running through a tunnel, and he continues sprinting along open roads as the video continues. He’s also been seen playing in the water and literally stopping traffic as he jumps on a bystanders car. 


Harry styles in early October Launched his euphoric songs, ¨Lights Out¨, ¨Watermelon Sugar¨, and the most popular by far, ¨Adore you.¨ His album, Fine Line, was supposed to be heard in concert on his ¨2020 Love On Tour¨ he claimed, “There will be a time we dance again, but until then I think it’s about protecting each other and doing everything we can to be safe.” Everyone loves Harry’s music and this music video and song is just the best yet to come.