Ways to Keep Busy During Quarantine

Ways to Keep Busy During Quarantine

Nesha Adler-Eldridge, writer

When faced with constantly being forced to stay indoors, it’s often hard to find entertaining activities to do inside. Most of the time people do online activities to keep themselves occupied at home instead of finding new ways outside of the screen. This list contains some creative and fun ideas for you to do in your frequent free time.

Make a Post It Goal wall

It can be super interesting to think of all the things you want to do in your future. For this activity, you’ll have to brainstorm all of your goals. It could be as simple as “sleep more hours”, “learn how to bake a cake”, or as drastic as “find a paying job”, or “save up to buy an Xbox.” There are countless ideas for future goals and it all depends on what you want. All you need is some Post Its, a marker, and some empty space (a wall recommended). With these things, write a single goal on a Post It and stick it onto the wall/flat object. Do this as many times you want until you have no other goals left. When you’re all out of choices for things to do after school, you’ll have a goal wall to find something to work on.

Start a Journal

The idea of journaling might seem a little basic at first, but it can be the perfect thing to relieve stress. It could be any type of journal; a journal just for poems, maybe just a place where you can rant all of your emotions into, or where you write something that you’re grateful for every other day. Maybe letters to people you appreciate. It could even be just drawings. It could be all of those things mixed together or all in separate journals. Once you find something that you’re willing to commit to writing about, find yourself or ask your guardian to get you a notebook. Decorate, plan out and have fun with your journal!

Draw/Paint your Own Fictional Character 

It could be anything! Someone that represents yourself or someone that represents the opposite of you. A monster, animal, person, ect. The most important thing in creating your own character is creativity. Besides that, some things to draw or paint with and some paper. To start off, have a visual of your character in your head, start to sketch the main parts of it. For example, you could decide to make a cat with a beanie and skateboard. To start that off you would need to make the cat’s body and item’s outline first, then add the small details like sparkles in its eyes and its tiny hairs. When you’re finished, you can choose whether you want to color it or not. Don’t forget to give it a name and backstory!

Create Your Own Workout Routine

Maybe it’s just some of us, but a lot of us probably haven’t got that much exercise lately in quarantine.  But why not take advantage of the situation to get fit and healthy. If you look at fitness from a different view it can actually be fun; you can do things like find ways to reward yourself when achieving workout goals. To find what works best for you, do a little research. Figure out what things you want to progress in. It could be things like gathering more arm strength, or being able to do the splits. Then, you can either look for fitness apps that help you succeed in a certain field(s), or search through Google and/or Pinterest to find what types of exercises help the  thing you want to work on. Last, but not least, don’t push yourself too hard, just have fun!

Even if none of the things on this list interests you, don’t forget to do the things you enjoy outside of the screen. Even so, I hope this list gives you some type of ideas for future activities. Stay creative!