Nba, Mlb and Nfl has Almost Lost a Total of 13 Billion Dollars because of Covid


Philipe Ndong, writer


With the average Nfl team making almost 7 million in tickets, an Nba team making 2.4 and Mlb team making 1.3, all three leagues have lost around 5 billion in tickets combined since they shut down.


Every team has approximately 65 games in a season, every team owner has lost approximately 150 million dollars because of sponsorships and tv deals. If this goes on for 2 more years, all the associations would have lost a total of almost 30 billion combined meaning each owner would have lost over 600 million. 

This is why many organizations have tried to resume their leagues and the Nba being most successful and being able to finish their season. Soon after, the Nfl trying to do the same but cases are still rising everyday because of lack of preparation. 


Although the pandemic has had a huge impact on small business owners, it has also had the same effect on the bigger business owners as well. It will be tough to get a league started with the rising numbers of cases and all the chaos. Although the Nba has finished their season successfully,  the Mlb and Nfl are having a tougher time getting back on track.