‘Among Us’ Player Names are Being Used for Creative Music Videos

‘Among Us’ Player Names are Being Used for Creative Music Videos

Jacob Howe, Writer

Everyone has heard of the massively popular video game from 2018 available on PC and mobile named Among Us. This video game recently blew up these past couple months and is now immensely popular. This game is where you are a character amongst up to 9 other players where there is anywhere between 1 and 3 impostors. The goals of the imposters is to kill all of the other players and win. The goal of the crew mates is to complete tasks and try to figure out who the imposter is and try to vote them out. If the task bar gets full before the imposters kill anyone, the crew mates win. 

In Among Us, one can change their names regularly and have the possibility to make private servers where you can share your code and have your friends join. This can lead to a very fun gameplay experience as well as a viral trend on social media. What is just remarkable about the game itself and the players who do that is that it has nothing to do with the game itself. Like Among Us, any game with visible usernames could do this and the fact that the community would come together like this for a creative trend really shows how popular the game really is. 

One new version of this trend has recently surfaced on Reddit. User Pospol and his friend have released a video of the song All Star by Smash Mouth which is a meme in it’s own right. The video showcases him repeatedly popping out of a vent, each time with a different word as his name in correlation with the music. User Inkkkk takes a more “full server” approach when every character has a different lyric. All lyrics contribute to the same song “ The lion sleeps tonight”. This version involves more of  a choreographed song, with the players acting as backup singers circling the other characters. The level of coordination is very impressive. 

It’s shocking to see how this online game has changed modern culture and trends. Sure, Among Us isn’t nearly as famed or marketed as Fortnite or the new Call of Duty game, but it has brought a lot of joy to people and given people a fun way to express themselves in ways those games could never do.