Harry Potter Review


Perrin Swientisky, Writer

Many people love and have seen Harry Potter. I just started to read the books and am now on the 3rd book. All the movies I have seen before. They are really interesting and never get old.  I am sure everyone has seen all the movies. I have no idea how J.K Rowling came up with the stories. I mean there are 7 books! How can she make up all those creative ideas for 7 books? There are 8 books really, but it isn’t an actual book like the rest. It’s called “The Cursed Child” Rowling is an amazing writer and everyone should read the books. I am sure you have heard people say the books are way better than the movies or that the books have way more detail and are more intense. They are all true. I know I will probably get scared and be emotional in some parts. A lot of people do that because the books are so good.

The movies are really good because we can see the action and not have to picture it in our minds. I like both ways. The movies are less intense than the books which are more. 

Some fun facts about Harry Potter are that J.K. Rowling and Harry have the same birthday, July 31. Rowling’s original names for some of the characters were: Hermione Puckle, Draco Spinks, Neville Puff, and Lily Moon (who is now Luna Lovegood). The first Harry Potter book was almost called Harry Potter and the School of Magic instead of what it is called today, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. This is an awesome series of movies and books too. I recommend people who haven’t read it or seen it, that they do.