Murder Mystery


Straton Geddes, Writer

I was driving in my Lamborghini to a party,  I was invited along with my sidekick, Samuel. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is  Straton. I am a detective, and I was invited because all but one guest has been blackmailed, and it’s up to me to find out who. When I got there, all of the guests had arrived. Owen, Blake, Laurens, and Finn. Who is the blackmailer? I had just arrived when the butler came running out of the davito’s mansion. “Sir sir!” he said to me. “Come quick! The cook is lying dead in the kitchen!”


When I came to the crime scene, everyone was there. “Oh my god!” I yelled when I saw how the cook had died. She was killed by her own knife. She had her hand on it. “It seems she committed suicide.” my sidekick said. “No, I don’t think so. Look, there are footprints. Somebody killed the cook and made it look like she killed herself!” 


We followed the trail of footprints, which led us right into the lounge, where everybody met. “If the footprints lead here,” Samuel said, “Then one of us is the murderer!” Everybody gasped. “Everyone checks each other’s shoes,” Laurens said. Everyone took off their shoes. “No blood,” I thought, “How is that possible? Maybe somebody brought a change of shoes. But who would do that?”


   We all sat down in the dining room for dinner. A maid brought us  A nice pig to eat. “Hey detective,” Owen said, “you came here to solve who the blackmailer is, right?” “Yes,” I replied. “Well, let’s get to it!” “Alright, I heard that one of you blackmailed the other, right?” I asked. “Yes.” everyone said. “Well then, who is being blackmailed?” “Oh, I can’t live this lie anymore, it was me!” Finn said. Everybody gasped. Wait, that wasn’t gasping, that was a scream! “What was that!” Blake asked. “Well let’s go see!” I said


We rushed to the hall. “No, it sounded like it came from the billiard room!” Samuel said. We rushed there. “Look, the maid was slaughtered,’’ Laurens said. “It seems like it was done just seconds ago. Look, blood is still dripping from her neck! And it looks like she was killed from… a candlestick?” Then, three shots rang out. I raced upstairs to see what happened. The butler came running from Danny davito’s bedroom. “ I was dusting when I heard the shots.” The butler said when I asked him what happened. We went inside and saw the other butler lying dead with a hole through his heart.


“What is happening?”  the butler said. “No, no!” The other butler, named Cooper, yelled. “Don’t die on me, don’t die!”Then, the life went out of his eyes. “NO!!!!” Cooper yelled. He sobbed. “What happened?” The guests came running into the room. “He was my brother, my only family left that I know of.” Cooper cried some more. Then, the lights went out, and there were three screams. When the lights turned back on, three men were lying dead on the ground. Owen, Blake, and Cooper. 

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, What do we do?” Finn asked. “We split up, and find the murderer,” Samuel suggested. “Me and Samuel, and you two,”  I said. We went one way, and they went the other. As soon as we got upstairs, we heard a scream. We raced downstairs, and Finn was dead, and a man was standing over Laurens. I got a little closer, and I saw that It was the butler, Cooper! “Wait, You died, like an hour ago!”  I said. “Oh no, I faked my death. My assistant turned off the electricity in the house. Then I killed your little friends.” “Wait a minute, who is your assistant?” I asked. “William, my younger brother.” A teenager about 14 walked into the room. “Cooper, what should I do now to get rid of these… people?” He asked. “Shoot them all, have nobody be able to call anyone,” Cooper said. “But father,” William said, “I don’t have the gun.” Then, There were two shots. When I saw what happened, Cooper was dead on the ground, William shot in the gut, and Laurens had a steaming gun in his hands. “I’m an F.B.I agent.” He said. Then the F.B.I squad came running in to take the murderers away. And that my friends, Is the end of my story.