Coronavirus: The Attacks


Straton Geddes, Writer

Act 1 scene 1

Straton is sitting under a big tree in china. On an expedition. Cooper and Max enter.


Straton: “Hey guys. What are you doing here? I thought you were staying back


Max: “We decided to come to help you on the expedition. It seems fun.”


Straton: “It won’t be that fun. I mean, we’ll get to go eat at fancy restaurants and sleep in an old mansion, But other than that, it’s boring.” 


Cooper: “And that’s why we came! Besides, I’ve never eaten out or slept somewhere else than my house.


Max: “Me neither.”


Straton: “Well, if you’re going to hang out with me, then come. It’s time for dinner!”


All exit.


Fancy building. Straton, Max, and Cooper enter. Pat is waiting for them to arrive. 


Pat: “ Hey, straton! Long time no see man!”


Straton “Pat! How’s it going!”


Pat: “It’s going great. Hey, did you hear what they’re dishing out today? Bass sushi, fresh from the market.”


Straton: “Great! haven’t had that meal in a long time.”


Cooper: “Well? Where’s the food? I’m starving!”


All sit-down. Taz, the waiter comes with the sushi.


Taz: “Hey guys! Ready for food?”


Max: “Yes, I’m starving!


Taz sets down food. Walks away. All start eating.


Max:” Finally I have been waiting for an eternity!


Straton: “Mmm, This is delicious, although there’s a weird taste to it.”


Max:” I agree it has a weird texture and taste than normal sushi.


Act 1 scene 2

A couple of months later


All at Cooper’s house.  


Cooper: Hey guys! Welcome to my house. 


Straton: hey coop. Nice house you got here.


Max coughs.


Max: I don’t feel well.


Pat: me neither. I think it was dinner.


Cooper: Get away from me, you’re gonna get me sick.


Straton: no, it couldn’t have been dinner.


Max: But it did have a weird taste to it. 


Taz: Yeah you’re right. It did have a weird taste.


Straton: how do you know? You served food, not eating food.


Taz: I actually ate it in the storage room, where my boss wouldn’t catch me. I had to, It was delicious!


Max: I really don’t feel well guys, I have to go home. 


Pat: Yeah, me too.


Straton: I think we should all head home.


Cooper: yeah, my wife is waiting for me for dinner.


All exit


Act 1 scene 3


A couple of months later. 

 Pat in hospital. Straton visiting


Straton: hey Pat, how’s it going?


Pat: Actually, It’s going bad. They say I have a new disease. They can’t cure me.


Straton: What’s it called? 


Pat: They call it Coronavirus.


Cooper, Nate, Miles, Taz, and Wes walk in.


Pat: hey guys.


Wes: what’s up? We heard you have a new disease that they don’t have a cure for.


Pat: Yeah, I think I’m going to die.


Taz: don’t think negative, man. You’ll be fine.


Pat: no, the doctors say I’m going to die.


All silenced. Straton starts to cry


Straton: You can’t man, you can’t!

Pat: I’ll miss y’all.


All exit except for pat.

Pat sits. He lays down in the hospital bed, eyes closed forever.