Pacific Ocean Marketplace (POM)


Kylie Driggers, Writer

Pacific Ocean Marketplace (POM) is an Asian grocery store that sells noodles, boba, seafood, jellys, and many more cool items! One of the Pacific Ocean Marketplaces I’ve been to sold food items from different cultures such as, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and so much more. The POM has stores at the entrance (almost like a mall) that you can go into. Depending on the location the stores may be different but common ones are a nail shop, boba place, a small gift shop and something else.

The clean-ness, I would give it a 7-8/10. A few points taken off because when I get 2/3’s to the end of the store, I can smell the fish at the very end (3/3) of the store which kind of grosses me out. I also feel like they can clean stuff more often but besides that it’s pretty clean (depending on the one you go to)! They sell many things that you may go to the store just for. One cool thing that they sell is Asian snacks/candy, which is really cool because its my favorite and they can be hard to find at times. The size of the store (depending on which one you go to) is about the size of a Target/Walmart/King Soopers. The service is pretty decent, the cashiers check you out normally. Not many people know about it, but people usually like and find what they are looking for. I’ll give the place a 8/10, it’s a good place!