Denver Broncos Epic Comeback


Scarlett Lutz, Writer

On Sunday, the Denver Broncos came back after being down by 21 points. Denver team, ends their streak of losing Three home games in a row. The Chargers on the other hand, have lost four of their games after being up by 16 points or more, The Broncos improved to 3 – 4, And the Chargers dropped to 2 – 5. The Broncos hope to move to 4-4 next week, where they will face the Falcons in Atlanta.  


After Broncos quarterback, Drew Lock, told his teammates to “man up” in the locker room at halftime. With seven seconds left in the game, the Broncos down by two, Lock throws an incomplete pass, and the Chargers are called for a clear pass interference penalty.


This then puts the ball at the one yard line, with one second remaining in the game. Lock barely completed a pass to the rookie K.J Hamler from Penn State.  This was the first time that this Denver team has had a quarter where they’ve scored at least 21 points, since 2014.