Lab Rats

Lab Rats

Taylor Holthus, Writer


Lab Rats is one of my personal favorite shows. It has action, it is hilarious at times and it is a lot of fun to watch. I would probably give it a 10/10 mainly because it is really funny. I showed it to a lot of my friends and they all became obsessed with it. 


Bree, Chase, and Adam (the funniest) are siblings who are bionic because of chips that their uncle put in the back of their necks. They are like normal teens and go to school and all but they also go on missions. Bree has super speed, Chase has super smarts, and Adam has super strength as well as laser eyes. This is a show with real humans (not animated). Mr. Davenport, their leader or their dad, is protecting them in the basement of their house where their lab is. Another funny character who is in a lot of episodes is principal perry who is a gross and funny lady who is also rude and bossy to her students.


Lab Rats: Elite force and bionic island are all different seasons. Lab Rats bionic island is mainly about a school full of bionic teens that Krane (another bad guy) has created. All of the teens are good now since Adam, Bree and Chase saved them. They are now teaching the students how to use their bionics safely so that they can go on missions like Adam, Bree and Chase. Lab Rats: Elite Force is a different show created by the same people and some of the same characters. Bree and Chase are in the show as well as mr. Davenport, and Principle Perry. The new characters are Skylar, an alien who lives on earth, Kaz, a superhero, and Oliver, another superhero. In the story,  there are two brothers, Roman and Riker. They want to destroy all superheroes and bionic people. They must save themselves and other superheroes from Roman and Riker.


Sadly, there will be no season 5 of Lab Rats. The creators, Chris Peterson and Bryan Moore have decided that they want to end Lab Rats. 


I do recommend this show! It is great for a lot of people. If you do decide to watch it, have fun!