How To Make Your Own Sushi at Home

Olivia Bocevski, Writer

Sushi is actually kind of expensive at sushi places. So why not make your own sushi at home? Making your own sushi at home is cheaper than sushi places, and is actually really easy to make.

First, go to your local Asian market (ex. H mart). Go grab sushi rice vinegar dried seaweed (if you’re going to make egg sushi rolls) and some raw fish, for example, tuna and salmon. Also, don’t forget soy sauce and wasabi.

First cook your rice in a rice cooker like normal and mix the sushi rice vinegar with the rice. Put little by little and try the rice so it’s not too strong or weak. Make sure the rice isn’t hot, it should be warm. Then cut the raw fish into thin slices. Don’t cut it too short or too long. It shouldn’t be too thin or thick either. After you cut the raw fish shape the rice in rectangles and put the raw fish on top. When you shape the rice make your hand wet with cold water so the rice doesn’t stick on your hands. Then, you’re done.

Be extra careful when you make sushi because the raw fish might be spoiled and you might get sick, especially during summer.