Kevin Durant’s Return from Injury

Kevin Durant's Return from Injury

Felix Hillhouse, Writer

Kevin Durant is expected to come back next season after his achilles injury in the 2019 finals. Before those finals Kevin Durant was thought of as a top 3 player in the NBA. Sadly though, in game five of the NBA finals, Kevin Durant while sizing up his defender tore his achilles. This injury has been devastating for many NBA players and has ruined the careers of many young up and comers like Derrick Rose. The only NBA player that really had an achilles tear and was able to come back from it was Dominique Wilkins who by a miracle kept all of his athleticism even after his injury. So this has caused many to believe Kevin Durant will not come back the same player. Only some fans believe he will come back just as good from his injury. Kevin Durant had pulled his right hamstring in the series before the finals so some fans are scared his right leg will be a concern being injury prone. Kevin Durant is only getting older too being 32 and aging which has lots of fans concerned about the future of Durant.

The argument though that Durant will be the same is he ruptured his achilles on the same side as his shooting side. The same happened to one other player, Dominique Wilkins, since Dominique tore his Achilles. As mentioned before, WIlkins is the only one who really looked the same after tearing his achilles. All the other players after DOminique that tore their achilles were never the same except DOminique who was the only player to tear his achilles on the same side as his shooting arm. This is no coincidence though as Durant steps into his shots with his left leg which is the more important leg for his scoring. This is why people think Dominique continued to be the same player even after his supposed career ending injury which he was able to evade. Most NBA fans are hoping history will repeat itself and Durant will be the same player as he was before the injury. ALso lots are hoping the injury, if it affects anything, will only affect his athleticism. This may sound bad but Kevin Durant was never an athletic freak. Kevin Durant has always been a shooter with a great ball handle that makes tough shots at a high rate. Lots hope this injury will not affect his shooting. The videos of Kevin DUrant playing show he is a very similar player with very similar shooting to his previous non-injured self giving fans hope he was not affected too badly. Lots are writing Kevin DUrant off and criticizing him, we know this reaches him and affects him because he has revealed he has burner twitter accounts to defend against criticism. We have also seen Kevin Durant has a very strong work ethic. The criticism combined with his work ethic has fans hoping he will be the same if not a better player. He also had had a longer time to train having until this December instead of having to start this October and having less time to recover.

So what does happen if Durant comes back playing like his Warrior days? Well, we’ll have to see. Durant has been able to play with Westbrook in the past who we have now seen is a very ball dominant guard. We saw he was able to win on the Warriors, but that is not a very good indicator as although Curry plays very well with the ball Curry is one of the best off ball superstars as he has one of the best off ball games in the NBA. Klay and Draymond were not going to take the ball away from KD as Klay is another spectacular off ball player and Draymond does all the dirty work not being so ball dominant. If Kyrie does take touches away from Kevin DUrant, which is most likely because Kyrie has shown previous teammate issues, I expect Kevin and Kyrie to split touches. This will force the role players to have to step up. If the Nets want any chance at contending this season the role players will have to step up and do a lot of dirty work. The Nets are in a tough conference and just having two stars score like crazy won’t get the Nets anywhere. This is where a key role player like Draymond would come in, sadly, the Nets have a very low chance of getting Draymond as he is a very loyal player and says he wants to be a Warrior forever. If KD comes back from injury and is his same self, the Nets have a high probability of making the playoffs. Kevin Durant will not go down without a fight and take all this criticism. The only problem is even if KEvin DUrant comes back 100%, lots of things will have to go right for the Nets to be true contenders. Kevin DUrant will likely be trying to prove these doubters wrong, the NBA has to watch out for KD, he will come back, and he will come back with determination, probably the scariest sight in the NBA.