I Broke my Finger


Daphne Alexander, writer

Hi my name is Daphne and Saturday was not my greatest day ever, here is the story. My parents went to go  to get my dad’s medicine from his doctor that just so happened to be 30 minutes away. I tried to go out the front door my then my dog comes up and  I try not to let him get out by slamming the door shuts and stupidly enough I forgot my finger was right there. I saw my death right then and there. I screamed as loud as I could, thank god we live in  a court yard with a couple other houses with people we know a few parents come running up and call my parents, they said that they were 30 minutes away. One eternity later they get there we rush to the ER and I had to get 18 stitches as well as breaking my finger. I felt like I was going to die it was the worst thing that I had ever experienced.