How I Feel About the Greasers and Socs

How I Feel About the Greasers and Socs

Maya Dejene, Writer

If I had to be honest, I VERY much dislike the Socs (GREASERS FOR LIFE), and here’s why.

THEY. ARE .MEAN. They can never go through one day without making insults towards the Greasers. They also always jump the Greasers and never properly fight them, and they jump them for the stupidest things. The Socs always go into the Greasers area just to beat them up,say insults,maybe even kill them. They are also rich snobs who underestimate the Greasers and think that they are much better than them just because they have money.So as you can see, I am very much anti-Socs.

And now to explain why I am very much team Greasers. They have done things like steal,fight,commit crimes, but the difference between the Socs and the Greasers is that The Greasers will properly fight someone and are pretty respectful and very caring towards the other greasers. Also Socs are more rich and live in better conditions than the Greasers so the Greasers have a hard life and have to work harder and honestly deserve better.

And that is why I am very much an anti-Socs. The only exceptions are Cherry and Marcia because they aren’t like the other Socs. Special thanks to my classmates for giving me the idea to write this.