Best Babysitters Ever Book Two Review

Roni Khaustova, Writer

Since I already did a review of the first book of Best Babysitters Ever, I decided to review the second one, called “The Good, the Bad and the Bossy” which is just as good. The book is written by Caroline Cala.


The main characters stay the same: best friends Dot Marino, Bree Robinson, and Malia Twiggs. The book opens up with the friends babysitting. While there, Malia exchanges a few words with her crush Connor Kelly, who tells her he’s coming to a concert of a popular singer named Veronica, and an excited Malia returns to her friends, telling them that they must go to the concert. Meanwhile, Bree gets a very crazy Sphynx cat, and is forced to spend all her time with it, Malia’s older sister ropes her into an internship, and Dot must win the science fair. They decide that they should hire some more babysitters to help them out with jobs. But their plan fails.


I totally love this book and how the friends stay together even in the worst situations, and it is just very funny (I kind of love the crazy cat). It reminds you that you should stay strong even during the tough times like this pandemic. The theme of friendship is really strong there, and read it when you can!