The Top 5 Most Popular Food in The World


Olivia Bocevski, Writer

  1. Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world. Italian people that came to America in the late 19th century brought their culture food with them as well, so it’s not surprising that a simple and amazing dish like the pizza became an instant hit in the U.S. and worldwide.

2. Pasta

At this point you can think that Italia has a lot of popular food all around the world. The simplicity of pasta are the main reasons why the dish is so popular, even though almost anyone can make it, pasta remains an incredibly popular dish among even the most high-end chefs from around the world.

3. Hamburger

There are different type of hamburgers all over the world and of course is one of the most popular foods in the world. The beef sandwich that is known as a hamburger today didn’t actually made in the U.S, in fact, it was created in the German city of Hamburg. The hamburger first became popular in the 19th century, as a cow meat patty that was served as a steak, without the bun.

4. Soup

There are a lot of different types of soups all around the world so that’s why it’s so popular. Soup is a really old food and was eaten by humans from 20,000 years ago. The unique flavors that can be created by boiling it with a bunch of other ingredients is soup. Cultures from around the world have discovered their own ways of using boiling water and adding ingredients to create flavors that warmed for thousands of years.

5. Salad

Vegetables have been part of the human diet for thousands of years, so it’s not really surprising that salads are some of the most popular dishes in the world. Salads are healthy, easy to make. Salad type dishes have been popular throughout history in all over the world, even if they look a bit different in other parts of the world.