Technology Hit Us Again


Aubrea Argueta, Writer

The Traeger Ironwood 650 has been a huge hit with over 650 accessories available in separate purchases. Maybe you have heard of this product already but if you don’t the Traeger Ironwood 650 is an electric pellet grill that has all the attention! 

Many reviews say that this product is, and is not  worth buying. Customers complain that it’s too much money for what the product is actually worth. There are two sizes of the grill Ironwood 650, and Ironwood 885. The ironwood 650 is priced at 1199.99 while the Ironwood 885 is priced at 1499.99. Other reviews say that it is somewhat difficult to put together the grill, the cord is also very short, and the controls aren’t the best. For many people the app is going to be glitchy about half the time you use it. 

 Though there are many downsides, plenty of other reviews say that it smokes great and although it is a little pricey, it cooks great and gets all the attention. 

Overall by the reviews I have studied on this product, I would say that this product is not worth buying. Only if you are interested in grilling and are alright with spending a large amount of money for a grill I would recommend this, but overall if you are on a budget I would not recommend this product it definitely would save you a lot of money and any regular grill does work just as good.