Cristiano Ronaldo Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Jude Yager, Writer

Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo tested positive for Coronavirus on October 13th, 2020, with his team. The federation stated he will not be participating in the upcoming match against Sweden. “The federation added that the rest of the Portugal squad has been tested and none of the other players were found to be infected as the team prepares to play Sweden on Wednesday.” After waiting a bit, an upcoming game with his club team against Barcelona came up. He tested yet again, however was still testing positive, which removed him from that game as well. Many people were disappointed in this because of the people wanting to see Messi and Ronaldo play against each other. “Ronaldo has been sidelined since testing positive for covid-19 while on international duty with Portugal this month Many people are worried about Juventus facing many losses without their star player.