Covid 19 Cases Rising in Most States

Covid 19 Cases Rising in Most States

Annika Damon, Writer

Covid cases in the U.S. have been increasing rapidly with over 29 states reporting new records this month. 

As people are ready to get back to normal the covid 19 cases are rising all over America. In Chicago they reported over 6,000 cases last weekend and Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that bars and restaurants will be closing down. 

The corona virus has also been impacting the sports world when Los Angeles Dodgers player Justin Turner tested positive during the final world series game and went to celebrate with the team after their win hugging his teammates and not social distancing. 

In Denver the mayor moved covid restrictions to stage 3 so businesses will have to operate at 25% capacity and Denver Public Schools is sending all students home for remote learning until January 2021.

Just because we have been in this pandemic for a while does not mean we should not listen to the covid restrictions.