The Knights Of Migore #2


Kirin Davidson, Writer

The next morning, The Knights woke up and went to get some breakfast. They walked down the road, everyone stopping to stare and clap for they were told as gods in the tales the women told to their young. They kept walking and eyed a pub named “The Drewry”.

“This looks good,” Jastar stated looking through the glass at laughing men, “It looks brilliant actually.” 

 “Hey, isn’t that the workshop we got that at?” Windle pointed to the left of the pub at a workshop.

“Oh yeah.” Ryler noticed, “What was his name again?”

“Dave.” Jastar snickered, “What a weird name.” 

“I wonder what The King did with him?” Jastar wondered. They all stood there wondering the same thing thinking from questioning to death.

“Anyway, let’s go in.” Windle was happy to end that silence. They opened the door and they saw fights, laughter, and food flying and they felt right at home. 


A half an hour later, they walked out of the pub full bellied and with a few more cuts and bruises. 

“We should get going to The King’s palace.” Ryler stated. 

They took a carriage up to the palace and opened the door.

“Ah my boys, thank you for joining me.” The King smiled. The Knights walked in and kneeled down on the ground. 

“My lord, what is our next mission?” Ryler questioned The King coming up from his kneel. 

“I need you to travel to the North side of England. There is a King over there that I must talk to get us out of a war.” 

“Yes my lord.” The Knights walked away and walked down to the stables to get their horses.


They rode to the Kingdom of the North which took 4 hours. When they got there they stood awaiting for the bridge to go down over the moat. 

“Hello!” Jastar yelled. 

Windle looked at the towers very closely. There was no one there. Then you looked lower and saw an arrow. Finally, he dismounted his horse and stared at the ground and saw horse footprints from a different way the knights came, a much longer way but ultimately back to the Kingdom. 

“What is it Windle?” Ryler asked.

“Someone was here before us, from the Kingdom. They came and killed everyone here.” Windle answered. They rode back to the palace to tell The King. 

“My lord, once we got there the Kingdom was destroyed.” Ryler explained to The King.

“Interesting.” The King stroked his beard. 

“Ahhhhh!” they heard a scream from the dungeons bellow them through the spiral staircase.

“Oh, don’t mind that.” The King motioned away with his hand. The Knights stared at The King  once again starting to wonder what was happening down in the chambers. No one broke the silence. 

“Anyways,” The King started “I will think about what to do, you boys leave me.” The Knights left back to the Bed and Breakfast they stayed at.


Once they got to their rooms, they sat down and stared at the ground. 

“What do you think that sound was?” Windle asked.

“Probably nothing, The King would have told us if it was something we needed to know.” Ryler answered.

“Good old Ryler, always taking the side of the King to look like a  goodie goodie. When will you learn that you don’t always have to follow the rules.” Jastar pointed out. Windle and Ryler stared at Jastar like he was stupid. “What. Hey we should go check it out.”

“No, we would get in so much trouble if we were caught. We would never make it on the wall of heroes!” Ryler exclaimed. 

“Come on Ryler, this is what Jastar is talking about. You need to loosen up. I actually want to go down there.” Windle purposed. 

“No, unlike you I want to be a hero. I want to be someone people look up to and if we’re caught, then people won’t even see me because we’ll be in the dungeons.” Ryler explained. 

“Well Jastar and I are going in the morning if you want to join us then.” Jastar nodded in agreeance.

When Jastar and Windle were asleep, Ryler thought about their proposal. He thought long and hard about the consequences they would face if they were caught but one thought kept coming into his head. What happened to that nice man they met at his workshop?


The next morning, Windle and Jastar awoke before the roosters got out of their coop. They were quiet for Ryler was still asleep in his bed. They went back over to the pub they ate at the morning before and ate some bread on the way back to the Kingdom. Instead of opening the doors, they took a path down to the dungeons so no one heard them. At the end of the staircase they found Ryler standing there. 

“Well well, look who came.” Jastar smiled. “Had a change of heart?”

“No, just the look on your faces when you guys realize all of this nonsense you lot are talking about isn’t true.” Ryler stood broad. 

 “Well let’s find out.” Windle pointed to a man in a cell on their left. The trio walked into the cell and tapped on the man’s shoulder. 

“Hello?” Jastar tapped his shoulder again and the man flopped on the ground. He was dead.

“Bang!” The cell door shut and The Knights turned around to see a Knight holding the keys and The King right next to him. 

“I’m sorry you had to be caught up in this boys but it’s something that you don’t understand.” The King pronounced. The King walked away and the Knight sat down on a chair and fell asleep.