The Cabin

The Cabin

Katherine Essien, writer

I went inside my family’s cabin thinking I would see my mom, my dad or my sister, since I had only went to get the toilet paper we had left in the car, but the cabin was empty, I was scared and tried to call them but no one answered their phone. So I laid down thinking they would return soon. 

I stayed in the cabin for about 2 days with no signal or company, but on the third day something terrifying happened. I was on the couch trying to get a signal but like the other 5 times I tried there was nothing.


“Bang  Bang  Bang” 


There was a knock at the door. I wasn’t sure who it was.


“Who is it” I asked


There was no response. I asked again but there was no one so I walked away  


“Bang Bang Bang” The same knock but louder.


I got scared and ran into my room and under the bed to hide just in case whatever was behind the door got inside.   




It was inside. Whatever was walking around the cabin was big, it was scary enough to make a bear tremble in fear, it had a large long spiky tail, and when it walked around I felt like the ground was shaking. It made me want to scream or cry but I was holding my breath and making as little noise as possible. It walked around the house and did not find me, until I moved my leg aggressively and hit the bed frame because there had been something crawling on me. Moving my leg caused a huge cut and whatever was walking in the cabin to hear me. I could hear its footsteps getting closer and my heart was pounding. It came to my door frame and stopped, then it disappeared. It was gone at least I thought, I stayed under the bed alone for 2 hours, then I crawled from under the bed 


“Drip Drip”


It was drooling and a lot of it, I cautiously turned my head and….


I woke up dripping in sweat and no longer in a cabin instead I was at home in my room. I laid in bed for some time thinking about the dream I just had, then I got up and carried on with my day, because it was just a nightmare. When I went down stairs my mom’s mouth dropped and she asked me where I had got a giant scab on my leg.