AMD announces new gpus and none expected what happened

Staś Cieślik, Writer

On October 28 AMD announced there 6900xt 1000$, 6800xt 650$ and there 6800 580$

These will be direct competition to the Nvidia 3090, 3080 and 3070

And will be priced 500 less, 50 dollars less and 80 dollars more than their competition 

I’ve told you about the performance of the new Nvidia cards well these usually performed the same or better and they don’t take the astronomical amount of power that the Nvidia cards take.

Science the 6800xt performs better or the same as the 3080 and cost less i will try to get that and i hope AMD won’t screw over consumers and put in an anti-bot system and actually restock their cars unlike Nvidia which has not to restock ed in 2 months and i am mad not having a GPU in my pc for a couple of months. AMD also announced that their GPUs will have ray tracing and a suite of other new futures if you want to learn more about their “anti-lag” and “rage mode” at this website and watch the stream.