Lululemon Align Leggings Review


Jane Wiebe, Writer

Lululemon is famous for their align leggings which have been a bestseller for many years because of their material, design and other features. These leggings are designed for yoga and working out but they can be great for many other things as well.  However, there are some negative aspects of these famous pants such as durability and price.  


The first positive aspect of the align leggings is the material.  The align leggings are created with Nulu™ fabric that has been designed to have a buttery-soft and weightless feel. People have described the leggings as “so soft and comfortable” and “buttery soft with flexible material.” Additionally, the leggings come in many different lengths, colors and sizes.  The colors change often but the most loved liked black and navy are always in stock.  You can get the align leggings in variety of lengths and sizes as well. You can get them in 21” for a cropped length all the way to 28” for taller people.  They also come in sizes 0-14 so almost everyone can find a pair that fits them.


As great as these leggings may seem there are some negative aspects as well.  For example, these leggings cost $98 a pair.  Compared to other leggings, this is an extremely high price and for many people it is way too expensive for one pair of leggings.  People have said “way too pricey” and “way too expensive.”  Athletic leggings from other places like Nike cost $30 less and many other places cost even less.  Despite the price, these leggings have also had a tendency to pill and deteriorate after one or two washes.  Pilling is where part of the fabric starts to wear off from the fabric rubbing together.  Pilling is a sign of low quality and it is surprising for such expensive leggings to have this.  People have explained that they were “extremely disappointed in pilling” and “the seams are coming undone.”  Seams coming undone and pilling are all signs of wear and tear but most of the time this does not occur until at least a year of use but people have explained that this has happened after one wash.


In conclusion, the lululemon align leggings are a bestselling pair of leggings that have their negative and positive aspects.  From their high price point to their buttery-soft material these leggings may be worth it to some but not to others. There are many good reasons to buy these leggings but some people may not see the point.  Despite their top-of-the-line reputation and their Nulu ™ fabric these leggings may not be all they seem.