Philadelphia Protests Occurred after Police Fatally Shot a Black Man

Philadelphia Protests Occurred after Police Fatally Shot a Black Man

Clara Liptzin, Writer

Big protests occurred this week after another black man was shot by police. The man identified as Walter Wallace, and police officers said they opened fire when Wallace started moving towards them. 

It had been said that both officers fired their guns several times, hitting Wallace in the shoulder and chest. A video was shared on social media of him moving towards the officers with a knife and the officers yelling at him to put it down. 

After the shooting, one of the officers drove him to the hospital, where Wallace was pronounced dead shortly after. 

The mayor of Philadelphia said a full investigation would be opened. He wished prayers to Wallace’s family. Wallace’s father said that his son had had mental health issues and was on medication. He said he was confused as to why they didn’t use a taser.

After this event broke the news, hundreds of people started to protest against the shooting. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper had reported that the protests began late on Monday, October 26th, and into the early hours of Tuesday, the 27th, and became violent and rough at times. Looting was reported and there were videos and images shown of police cars set on fire. 

Around 30 officers got injured, many of them came from being hit by stones and bricks thrown at them by protesters, according to police information which was cited by the Associated Press news agency. Officers stated one of them was hospitalized from breaking a leg and other injuries after being hit by a pickup truck.

Police also stated that more than a dozen protesters were arrested.