World Series


Will Beauregard, Writer

 On Tuesday 10/20 the world series kicked off the LA dodgers against The TB rays.


These 2 teams have fought a long way to get here the la Dodgers beating the Atlanta Braves in the semifinals. And the TB Rays beating the Astros barely in the semi finals 4-3. The next part to their long journey is the world series.


When the first game started the TB Rays got off to a quick start taking the lead 1-0 but that was not going to stop the Dodgers in the 4 period they had 2 point the score was 2-1 going into the last period the rays where up to bat they scored 2 points the score now was 3-2 rays. But then the dodgers showed up and scored 5 points winning the game 8-3.


Then it was time for game two After the Dodgers Win 2 nights ago they feel comfortable about this game. Then game two started the rays got off to a quick start scoring 3 in the 4 innings and dodgers scoring 2 later in the game the rays started to separate themselves from the Dodgers going up 6-2. But the Dodgers could not do it the dodgers losing 6-3 the series was tied 1-1.


Now it was time for game 3 with the series tied 1-1 the Dodgers got off to a quick start scoring 4 points in the first 6 innings. With the rays only scoring 1 point looking like the dodgers will come on top. And that is true the dodgers ended up winning 6-2 making the dodgers ahead by 1 in the world series.

This was a big game game 4 for the dodgers to have a comfortable lead. Both teams right of the start got off to a quick lead being tied 3-3 But then going into the 9th bottom the Rays won by 1 point 7-8.


Later in the series the Dodgers ended up winning 4-2 in the series agent’s a  good team.