Halloween Styled Brownies


Cadence Caudill, Writer

This year Halloween will need to be treated differently so everyone can be safe, we found a decorative idea that we decided to put to the test and they turned out great and beautiful. These brownies can be made with batter mix or from scratch, but the main part of this treat is turning it into a brownie graveyard. 

We used pre made batter mix and just finished the rest of the steps shown on the box and had lots of fun baking the brownies. Depending on what pan you use and if the batter is pre made or from scratch, the steps will be slightly different so just follow the steps on the box or the step from the recipe you chose to use for scratch brownies. Once the brownies are cooled down you will start making the graveyard but while you wait we can make the things you need to use to make the graveyard. Make sure to get out these items;

  1. Green food coloring
  2. Three small bowls
  3. Utensils of your choice to scoop out a box or more for the upturned grave. (I recommend a spoon and butter knife.)
  4. Frosting tips
  5. A mold for bones which can be found online for cheap.
  6. Some white chocolate to melt.
  7. Milano cookies-These will be used to make headstones of the graves.
  8. Black frosting-To write on the grave or use something like black decorating gel.
  9. Vanilla frosting or whatever your preference, you will need a 1-16 ounce tub of it.

Now, take these materials and melt the white chocolate first and then place the chocolate in the candy mold for the bones and leave them in the fridge while the brownie cooks. Mix the frosting with some green food coloring and then cut a hole at the tip of a bag and put a frosting tip in, then put in the frosting. 

Once the brownies are done cooling you will take your materials to a table or a clear space. Take a utensil and cut out some graves from the center of the brownies and place the crumbles in one of the bowls. Take your frosting and start placing little spurts of green around the cut areas. Once you have done enough to your liking crumble up the brownie in the bowl some, and place it back into the pan where you ripped up the brownie. Take out the cooled white chocolate and pop it out of the candy molder and place them somewhere in the graveyard. The Milano cookies might be too big for your liking so you can cut them in half and write r.i.p. On them in edible black gel. Take them now and place them above the graves and press them down.

You now have a delicious batch of Halloween styled brownies, this recipe was created through a combination of many others’ recipes for it. The brownies turned out great and we had lots of fun eating them and would eat them with some vanilla ice cream which made it taste great. The recipes that this was mainly based on with a few twists of our own were;

Our main twist was probably not making it from scratch, but it still tasted great. If you want brownies from scratch each has recipes for that.