Rocket League Rises in Popularity


Cole Hutchings, Writer

  Rocket League reaches an all-time high of 146 thousand gamers despite being out since 2015. More people have picked up the game after it was made free on September 23rd, 2020. It is also not exclusive for just one console you can play on Xbox, PlayStation, and pc. In rocket league, you control the movements of a car to try and score goals on the other team. There are two goals on either side of an enclosed soccer field with two teams fighting for the ball. You can play 1v1 or with up to 3 other teammates. It doesn’t matter how good you are at the game you can still have fun.

It’s not just about hitting th ball though, you can boost to fly through the sky. There are boost pads around the field that can fill your boost up to 100. You can do flips and turns when you hit the ball to confuse or get past your opponents. You can play ranked matches to play against others of your skill level or play casual and just mess around and have fun with your friends. There are other game modes where the game changes or there are special power-ups you can use to help score or stop the other team from scoring. 

Rocket League is a game where you can play competitively or just have fun with your friends. You can customize your car and earn new cosmetics from playing or buying them in the item shop. You can show off to your friends what you have or just have fun. You play ranked matches to get your rank emblem. You can be bronze or grand champ but you can always find joy in playing.ROcket league is a game to play with your friends and just relax.