Cheating in the MLB


Brady Cooper, Writer

Cheating is common in many sports. In the MLB players have been caught using a substance called pine tar. Pitchers use this to give them extraordinary throws throughout the game. Micheal pineda was caught and suspended for 10 games. Players will place it on the neck and will rub it on their hands before each throw. Micheal pineda said it was just,”dirt”. 


Earlier this year the Astros were caught cheating by sign stealing. Many thought that the Astros should be stripped of their title of the world series champions. The Astros eventually admitted and many staff were fired and fined. Also this year Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, and Justin Verlander all said they were a part of the cheating.


Finally many players have taken steroids. They will help players do things they normally can’t do. This will normally result in a fine and or a suspension. Cheating happens all the time but no one is smart enough to never get caught.