The Denver Broncos Off To A Rough Start

The Denver Broncos Off To A Rough Start

Addie Newton, Writer

The Denver Broncos have had a rough start and they are not happy about it at all. In the first few weeks of the NFL, they have lost four games and won only two.


The Broncos lost against the Titans, Steelers, Buccaneers, and Cheifs. They won against the Patriots and Jets. Their next game is on November 1st against the Los Angeles Chargers. The game will be held at Empower Feild at Mile High in Denver, Colorado.


Shelby Harris from the Denver Broncos is tired of losing to the Cheif and lost his cool on the officials, he was taken off the field and continued to be mad. The Broncos were hoping to finally break the Cheif’s streak of winning 9 games against the Broncos. 


The Broncos coach, Vic Fangio, think the team really needs to work on their passing. Fangio says, “We just haven’t thrown it very efficiently the past two weeks. That’s an 11-man operation that us coaches – we are all in it together and we have to go to work on that. It has to improve, no doubt about it.”