Foreign Languages: Why Are They Important?


Katie Casey, Writer

Let’s say you go to Mexico. Yay! You go to a taco shack, and you are allergic to beef. But, the menu is in Spanish and nobody but you speaks English. You get out your phone and find the translation app. Let’s stop right here. This seems like SUCH A HASSLE!! What do you do?


You….. (drum roll please..) learn a foreign language!! Wow, that seems hard, and like a lot. But, studies show that if you learn a language, then you get a bigger paygrade. Also, in this fantasy world where you have a beef allergy, knowing Spanish is vital to your living. So, what do you say? Time to learn a foreign language!! 


Bigger Pay Grade: If you speak two languages, then studies show that you earn more money when you get a job. Why? Well, let’s say you are in France and you are working at a bakery. Yum! Nearly everyone who comes in speaks French because they live in France. One day, a couple comes in and they DO NOT speak French. Second language to the rescue!! You helped this couple find their pastries and pay correctly. Now, do you see why you get paid more? 


Health: If you have an allergy, and you don’t speak the language, then how will you know if the food has whatever you are allergic to? If you speak the language, then you will know what to order, and what NOT to order. This is important because if you order something that you are allergic to, that could end badly. 


Let’s come back to reality. Learning a Foreign language is hard, takes time, and is a LOT. Also, there are SO many languages that I can’t even count how many there are. So, keep that translator app on your phone.