How To Stay Safe During this Halloween


Liam Gamache, Writer

Despite the pandemic, Colorado has opted to allow trick or treating, which means we need to be extra cautious about the Pandemics rules, so here are some tips to help stay safe while still enjoying Halloween to its fullest.


First and foremost, we have to make sure that we are still wearing a mask while out in public, and luckily Halloween costumes provide a perfect opportunity for a built in mask. To make the most of this tip, you have to choose a costume that provides a mask within your costume such as a ninja mask or any costume that includes a full head piece. If you have a costume idea that does not automatically include a sufficient mask, try to incorporate the use of a mask into the costume. For example, if your costume is a pirate, you could try to find a mask that has some sort of moustache or beard design on it. You could even find a white mask and sharpie on the design you need. 

Finally, if all else fails, a matte black mask might be the most you can do so that the mask does not take away from your costume.


The second tip for staying safe during halloween this year is to sanitize the candy you’re giving out, and to sanitize the candy that you get. This tip keeps you safe, as well as the people around you safe. Any bag of candy you get to give out, make sure you use an alcohol wipe any other cleaning wipe. Hand sanitizer would work too, but you have to be sure that you are thorough. 

As for cleaning the candy you get, the same applies because even if you’re the only one eating it (so you’re not sharing) there still could be germs on the wrappers from the people you got it from.  Also, wearing gloves while trick or treating could remove the chance of germs passing between you and the giver through their hands to yours. If you do this, make sure you dispose of the gloves after trick or treating, or at least wash them down.

Finally, if you still don’t feel comfortable going out into public and risking covid while trick or treating, there are lots of ways to enjoy halloween at home! Activities such as apple bobbing or trying to eat a donut on a string could be fun to do with your family together, and would require minimal setup. If you want to go above and beyond though, a terrific halloween idea is to set up a haunted house in your backyard or basement and have each of your family members rotate being a character in the haunted house and the person that goes through it. You could buy some decorations, use some you have already, or create some of your own, and try to get creative with your haunted house path to maximize your space and budget.               

Most of all though, no matter how it turns out, try to have fun with it.