Covid Attacks Again

Covid Attacks Again

Quinton Davis, Writer

As the year 2020 continues, Covid-19 increases from March 2 as Covid-19 was created has affected all worlds. From the numbers at zero and now at 65,000 and still increasing. They expect it to be the worst as winter is coming up.

The cold will take over and make an attack, and more cases will be caught, and deaths will go up. But on July 16, that was the highest cases recorded as we know now.

As we see in Australia, they just had the wrong time, and Australia is in front of America by one week in Covid-19 cases and has shown how the cases have gone up a fantastic amount, as scientists say is caused by the cold.

As the highest crises in the numbers have taken over 43 states, we are going into the third stage of lockdown around the world.

As Covid-19 is making a return, the economy will be affected, which will result in lost jobs, school closures increasing great hardship on the American people.