Top Six Unhealthiest Fast Food Restaurant


K´yana Barnett, Writer


Fast food is in high demand in America. Fast food ranges to minimum $1-$15.The food in fast food makes your taste bud joyful so how can you resist fast food.When you think about fast food I think McDonald comes straight to your head. Fast food is not good for you so we’re gonna see which one is the worst but they all are bad. The one that comes in first place is MCDONALDS. That´s because McDonald has a high amount of fat and eating this very often can lead to liver damage.The fast food restaurant that comes in second place is BURGER KING.This fast food restaurant is second because they have a high amount of cholesterol and sodium.Although they do  have good protein in the Whopper meal and other sandwiches.

 The restaurant that comes in third place is CICI PIZZA! That’s because they contain a lot of oil and each of their slices of pizza. The restaurant that comes in fourth place is PIZZA HUT.This is mainly because Pizza Hut´s pizza has unhealthy fats and they not always stay fresh and fresh would always be the best.

The one that comes in fifth place is DOMINO’S and LITTLE CAESARS!  That’s because they both have certain things that just makes that pizza unhealthy.They can just have a certain amount of calories in that  pizza that just makes it very bad and unhealthy to eat. The last unhealthiest fast food restaurant is CHURCHES CHICKEN! Church’s chicken is unhealthy because in one chicken leg it can contain a high amount of calories and sodium.They also have a bad score on reviews from other people. This was the top 6 unhealthiest fast food restaurants and maybe this will help you when you want to go out to eat and you can choose the right decision.