Time travel rules in the MCU just got a lot more complex.


Jacob Howe, Writer


The time travel rules of the MCU(marvel Cinematic Universe) have become a lot more complex following the hit movie Avengers: Endgame. Time travel has always been an important topic in sci-fi movies, but is usually a pretty complicated topic at that. Because time travel is simply a theory, every franchise makes its own rules. These movies can be confusing and inconsistent because movies are not supposed to be facts on theoretical time travel, they are supposed to be stories. 

For example, Avengers: Endgame is in the multiverse area, in which we know that time travel can result in branched realities. Take a deeper look into marvel, and see that the writers and directors don’t entirely agree with each other on the rules of time travel within the MCU. From the writer’s perspective, only the removal of an infinity stone can create another reality. However, the directors believe that time travel can create a different universe, which would explain Captain America’s’ happily ever after with his love Peggy Carter creating a new timeline. 

Now, though, the MCU has decided to complicate the time travel issue even further by releasing Tony Stark’s notes on time travel. This is an important Statement because it settles the debate on whether Captain America’s time travel journey to Peggy Carter created a different timeline or not. According to Stark, the Mobius Strip (shape of time travel machine in MCU) does not allow for changing the past, but creating different timelines in which that changed past actually happened. This means Capitan America opened a new timeline, simply because he added himself into history. 

While these time travel rules are the case for Tony Stark’s time machine, there may be many other temporal mechanics who have different builds that could potentially achieve the initiative in different ways that allows for doing something in the past to alter your future. Given reports Ant Man 3 will introduce Lovecraft Country star Jonathan Majors as the time traveling villain Kang the Conqueror. This means he may have a different method of time travel.